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Pyrolysis – PRORED Solutions

Waste is thermally degraded using an indirect external source of heat at ~500°C in the absence of free oxygen supply. The volatile portion of the feedstock produces syngas, which is sent into a boiler, generating steam for power production with the flue gas treated in an emission control subsystem.


It is suitable for Sewage Sludge, Automotive Shredded Residuals (ASR) and Municipal Solid Wastes (MSW)

Its advantages:

  • Easy to copy (secondary syngas combustion, pyrolysis destroys dioxins)
  • Smaller scale exhaust gas treatment equipment (no wet scrubber)
  • Harmless pyrolysis ash can be used in construction industry
  • Electricity, steam, hot waste, non-oxidized metals
  • Low: self-support operations, no waste water treatment required
  • Easy do modify (modular design)
  • Relatively insensitive to the input materials