There are several new companies who developed this technology.. The biomass or waste feedstock is fed into a plasma reactor, which holds one or more plasma arc torches. These plasma torches heat the biomass to roughly 5000 °C. The syngas from the reactor is cooled and cleaned, once this phase is complete, the syngas is fed into a gas turbine to produce electricity in a combined cycle. The plasma gasification process solid residual is a glazed, harmless slag, which can be laid down without environment damaging, or utilizable as building material and building industry as additive. With this technology the plant is capable to use and eliminate many kinds of fuel and combination of those. The syngas is basically a mix of Hydrogen and Carbon monoxide (H2, CO).

The result of a newer technological development, that to produce aviation gasoline and bio-diesel from synthetic gas which come from the waste with the application of a procedure Fischer-Tropsh synthesis. This technology is definitely capable to eliminate a big amount of dangerous wastes.