Both solar and wind are typical in a sense that they are not available continuously, the service could be interrupted. That is raising the energy storage requirements.

The combination (integration) of solar and wind could already smooth the services and may already provide a more predictable energy supply. There are several companies which are practically serving the market with packages. Smaller sizes are even easier in this sense.

One possible way is the adding of a battery pack to the package in order to secure the uninterrupted energy supply. The small household could be already shop items from different suppliers. These shall not need any larger investment and participation of the developers, or government.

I have an international partner who has developed 120 kW modular PV, wind package system, which could be a repeatable good technology opportunity.



There is a growing market for Power to Gas projects (P2G). This is an integrated plant which is using the combination of the different renewable energy options and creating Hydrogen in addition to the power, which can be methanated with CO2 from the air, or biogas plant. The scheme of this process is seen below.

Actually the main inventors are from Germany and a 1 MW plant is just under construction for the large utility company E.on.

The artificial gas created could be used as vehicle fuel, or could also be bottled and serve the rural area with gas based clean cook stoves. This project serves several priority purposes and the government should support it, as well as international donor agencies.


This concept could also be used with gasification plants, which are in the next section.