There are several technology vendors, who has a closed technological system with patent, which is capable forming CO2 to aim of algae propagation. From this propagation results is high volume algae, which after pressing should provide base material for biodiesel and algae cake. Both products utilizable energetically, but the alga cake is suitable for animal feeds also.


There are other technologies too, which are utilizing open ponds, which make the process less capital intensive. The below picture is demonstrating a plant of Aurora Algae in Australia, which is utilizing sea water, but in Uganda these techniques should work at the lakeshores as well.



There are hundreds of different species of Algae, but due to intensive research special types have been developed directly for this purpose. The algae grow fast with the sunlight; have high oil content and works both in freshwater or seawater. Uganda wetlands and lakes occupy about 13% of its territory. We can estimate its shorelines well above 3000 km, which should provide plenty of suitable locations for this breeding.

There are dozens of high-tech companies in competition; one of them is Algenol from Florida USA, which has already achieved 10.000 gallons/acre yield in its Florida plant. This is direct Algae to Ethanol technology and the algae pressed cake serves for biodiesel. Their plant’s view is below.