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The geographical location and related meteorological conditions are very advantageous in East Africa for wide range of utilization of the renewable energies, geothermal resources, biomasses and wastes for the production of energy. The recent successful oil explorations in the region would make possible the higher development of fossil based technologies for the development of energy supply as well.

The East African Rift Valley runs along the region and based on earlier research carried out at the hot springs it represents substantial unexploited geothermal potential for affected East African countries. The hydro power is still dominating the power supply and there are substantial untapped potentials in this field.

There are biomass energy related cultivations methods, which are available with higher energy density than the current utilization and deforestation. Finally these higher efficient, industrialized methods are leaving more arable lands for food production and saving the high quality forests, not to mention the jobs created. There is a very special culture, namely the algae, which can produce large volume of biomass raw materials either for pharmaceuticals, animal feed, biofuels, or primary energy production. On the other hand there are even more fuel resources in wastes, which resources are considered renewable even in the most strict legislations and it is most likely that their future utilization will even further increased.

One of the basic philosophies is to create such a stand alone small region generation plants, where in the relevant regions the lands are available for producing these raw materials, or the agricultural activities result these secondary fuels, or the regional waste handling sites are able to provide the necessary selected wastes with high combustible content.

It is exceptionally important to mention the utilizations of those synthetic gas production technologies, which are practically capable to receive any type of biomasses, or waste and it is possible to design the most optimum output portfolio according to the local conditions and demand. This technology is capable to produce hydrogen also from the syngas, which could be the basis of the expected hydrogen economy.

Additionally there are numerous technologies which are combining the different renewable energy technologies, or adding waste heat recovery solutions, which makes all these applications very flexible, increase the volume and number of potential output products. These are the so called Hybrid plants, combining solar, wind, biomass and other waste heat recovery units.

You can find further technical details of different promising technology by clicking to the related item of the exhaustive list of technologies below:

These technologies and the illustrated technology vendors, their names are for demonstration purposes only. These are representing our opinion on the most state of the art technologies available currently, however we are fully independent in our project development approach and any reference herein does not mean our commitment or agreement with these illustrated vendors. All these pictures, images are from publicly available sources.

The identification and short descriptions of these technologies are serving the interest of the potential project sponsors, local entrepreneurs in gathering the most up to date information of these industries. We shall update this list from time to time and even calling the attention on the new inventions in our news section.