One of the most common trends within this industry and the region is to develop systems that are environmentally friendly and have minimal impact on the surrounding ecology. This provides unique opportunity for the renewable energies in the power sector.

The power sector of these east African markets are serving altogether almost 150 million people, however most of them have no access to electricity. In general we can determine that this market is very far from being matured and has enormous potentials. We would like to demonstrate few facts in the below table

Burundi Kenya Rwanda Tanzania Uganda
Installed capacity MW 52,0 1672,0 57,25 1564,0 818,5
Per capita power consumption (kWh) 20,35 183,60 23,33 89,14 69,2
Percentage of  World average (2806 kWh) 0,7 % 6,5 % 0,8 % 3,2 % 2,5 %
Access to power (%)  10  28,9  11


Hydro portion (%) 97 49 59 37 65
Renewable energy portion (current, no hydro)


17,5* 1 4 3,2

*  It is the result of the recent geothermal projects at Olkaria

All of these countries have set medium and long term strategies and evaluated the available resources and published these results and the targets. It is appropriate to highlight some of the county’s policies and plans under country specific datasheets.