Currently, the overall economic market conditions in the targeted 5 East African countries are fairly attractive. We are providing some details on these countries, which have been sourced from International Factbooks.

Burundi Kenya Rwanda Tanzania Uganda
Area (sqkm) 27.830 580.367 26.338 947.300 241.038
(2013, estimated)
10,88 mill. 44,04 mill. 12,01 mill. 48,26 mill 34,76 mill
GDP (Current price, AfDB) 2,471 bill$

40,707 bill$

6,751 bill$ 29,941 bill$ 23,70 bill$
Annual growth


4,2% 8,2% 6,4% 5,9%


4,4% 8,0% 6,9% 4,4%
Foreign Direct Investment – 2012


259 mill$ 160 mill$ 1,706 bill$ 1,721 bill$

The political situation is stable in all of these countries, there is a parliamentary democracy. All of the countries are attractive for international donor support and the strategic plans are favorable for economic growth. At each of the countries there is a favorable climate for foreign investments. The recent level of FDI might even be increased further, especially in Kenya.

Each of the countries have been benefiting from the integration and growth momentum in the East African Community (EAC), which has become one of the most vibrant economic regions in the world (EAST AFRICA ECONOMIC REVIEW AND ASSESSMENT.pdf). However, despite impressive increases in trade between the five EAC partners in recent years, there is still a large untapped potential. EAC trade could increase several-fold if unnecessary restrictions in the trade of goods and services – particularly non-tariff barriers were removed.