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Challenges and opportunities in East Africa

We can safely state that the economical growth and the wealth of East Africa are depending on the development of the power sector. It is obvious that the people are not satisfied with the current rate of supply and availability of the power.

It is also an important handicap that these countries are so much relying on the hydro power, which makes them vulnerable to the climate changes and frequent droughts. This makes the renewable energies even higher on the priorities.

There is no other choice for the entire region, but to increase the overall power production, utilize the most sustainable structure, which means the priorities of renewable energy sector, but many of them cannot afford not using the fossil fuel sources, if there were reasonable explorations and reserves.

Based on these strategies we can declare that in this industry and in the East African region there are extraordinary opportunities and due to the fairly developed country policies with the support of the international donor agencies, plus the increasing local budgetary resources, the available financing makes these plans achievable.

This situation results the stable growth potential in the targeted sector and makes the plans of ProRED Solutions well established from the demand side.

We do not anticipate any barriers to entry this market with our new company, as the capital costs are not high, our operational costs are highly attractive and competitive; we shall spend adequate funds on marketing and consumer acceptance with brand recognitions.

With our permanent presence in the market we shall also recognize immediately the changes of government regulations, or even shall try to influence those together with the other international consultants and market players.

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