Foreword from CEO

Foreword from CEO

According to the Greek legend Prometheus has provided the fire to the mankind and suffered serious punishment for this rebellious act. The fire – in broader terms, the energy – is still needed by the mankind and needs to be renewed all the times. This never ending practice needs even more prometheuses today with an everlasting enthusiasm to meet this challenging demand.

Prometheus Renewable Energy Development Solutions Ltd. is one of these active players. We intend to provide multidisciplinary services during the preparation and development phases of Renewable Energy projects in Europe, especially in Eastern and Central Europe. We also provide project development and management to the customers during the implementations phases in the targeted market. Our aim could be summarised the best with our Mission Statement, as

We strongly believe in a carbon neutral Europe so we support Europe’s decarbonisation and plan to play an important role in providing renewable energy projects to achieve of the agreed goals of the Paris Climate Treaty.

However we remain strongly committed to Africa and our aim could be summerized with the following Mission Statement:

We are intending to support the region in the efforts of increasing the rate of access to electricity, the power generation and through this assisting in the fight against the poverty and support the economic growth.

The services are aiming to establish bankable projects, which should be successfully competing for international funding. After the successful achievement of the Financial Closing of any projects, our company is aiming to offer project management services during the procurement and construction phases. It is most important in this business to provide reliable and transparent services to the customers. We intend to provide a “one stop, one shop” services, which means we are aiming to provide full turnkey services throughout the entire project realization process up to the Start of Commercial Operation.

During the development stage the Client may choose from different options and engage its advisors to its actual demand and capabilities. PRORED Solutions offers a well-tailored services package to any kind of projects, supplementing with a highly professional staff to the Client’s own team, or taking the entire task of the development on a turnkey basis. We are also prepared to become project partners and take risks as project sponsors, owners.

We are intending to become a key player in the European and the East African market by providing our services for the private and governments sectors too in the development of renewable energy power plants and provide sustainable energy supply for this rapidly growing region.

You may review the development process on the Mind Map, we have prepared to visualize the process on the flow chart. You may open the Mind Map by clicking here.

We sincerely hope that this website shall be informative for you and we shall become your partner, service provider very soon. Thank you for visiting us and enjoy your time in staying with us, we would be more than pleased to answer any of your questions.

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